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At Clover Family Services, our mission is to support families and improve lives by providing expert, compassionate mental health and social services. We work with individuals, families and agencies to create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment where everyone can thrive.


“Helping individuals and families understand all the intense feelings and dynamics they are experiencing, and to feel more in control of themselves, is one of the important aspects of what I do. Providing the opportunity for personal growth and a sense of empowerment is key.”-Ashlee Glowacki

Schedule of Availability:

Mondays: 8am-4:30pm

Wednesdays: 9am-4pm

Fridays: By appointment only

Telehealth available on case-by-case basis.

Services Offered:

-Rock Co Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

-Rock Co Children's Long Term Support (CLTS)

-IEP Education/Advocacy

-Educational and Programming Consulting

-Triple P Parenting Program Facilitator

-Youth Mental Health First Aid Facilitator

Ashlee Glowacki, MA.Ed

Owner/Mental Health Professional

Ashlee completed her Women's Studies and Sociology Bachelor's Degree from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2009. Ashlee then pursued her Master's Degree in Education, completed in 2014 from Aurora University. Ashlee also earned her Certified Clinical Trauma Professional certification in 2019. Currently, Ashlee is completing her Master's Degree in Social Work to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Aurora University; she is set to graduate August 2024. Ashlee has vast experience working with human services and school settings.  She has 8 years of family and youth dynamics and systems experience. She is especially knowledgeable in working with children and youth involved with special education and IEP's. Ashlee has worked as a coordinator for Wrap Around services, Children's Long Term Support Case Manager, On-Call Crisis Intervention, and Comprehensive Community Services as a Facilitator and interned providing Psychotherapy to youth and adults. She also serves as Board President for Wisconsin Family Ties, and Village Youth Inc.  Ashlee is proud to be a member of the National Alliance for Social Workers, and part of many state and local boards and committees.

Ashlee engages in person-centered therapeutic techniques. Some practices that she pulls from are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, and is Trauma Focused. She specializes in trauma, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD, socialization/friendship, boundaries, self-esteem/worth, and emotion regulation.



Catrina Bennett

Chief Operating Officer, Part Time

I am a recent graduate of MATC with Associates degrees in Business Management and Human Resources, as well as certifications in Project Management, Accounting Assistant and Management trainee. I have developed a passion for helping people in quality-of-life matters through education and training, as well as my 17 years as a volunteer with the Wisconsin Army National Guard. 

Emily Walter BA

HR Director, Part Time

Emily's bio coming soon!

Tasha Zimmerman, LPN

Nursing Director, Individual Contractor

I completed my first year of nursing school and took my boards to become a LPN.  I am currently in my 3rd semester of nursing school to complete my RN.  I was previously a meidcal assistant for almost 6 years before I decided to go back to school for my RN.  I am excited to be here and look forward to getting to know everyone.

Community Mental Health Professionals

All providers below are trained and educated professionals that align worh Clover's vision and mission. Each provider has their own specialties, so please read about them, and get to know our amazing team!

Schedule of Availability:

Monday through Friday 


Services Offered:

-Rock Co Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

-Rock Co Children's Long Term Support (CLTS)

-Teen Social Classes: Levels 1 & 2 


Community Mental Health Professional

Coty completed her Applied Clinical Psychology and Theory Research Psychology degrees from Cardinal Stritch University in 2022. Coty is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Behavioral Analysis through UW- Whitewater. Coty has also conducted and completed a full analytical research study, approved by the IRB in 2021, focused on behavioral personality traits.

Coty has extensive experience working with individuals and families within their natural environment and community settings: including but not limited to schools, daycares, public centers, professional facilities, and outpatient offices. She has 6 years of family, youth, and adolescent behavioral experience. She is especially knowledgeable in ABA services for autism, IEPs, IFSPs, case coordination, special education, emotional regulation, senior behavioral health, and trauma-based systems. Coty has worked as a Birth to Three Behavioral Coordinator, ABA Therapist for Autism, and Senior Behavioral Health Therapist providing Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy to youth, adults, and seniors.

Coty engages in mindfulness, active listening, conflict resolution, and psychoanalytical techniques. Some practices she pulls from are Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Family Based Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused Therapy. She specializes in ABA, developmental delays, educational delays, emotional regulation, attachment disorders, youth/senior behavior, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.



    Youth (Ages birth - 12 years)

    Adolescence (Ages 12+ years)

    Young Adults

    Senior Community

    Family or Individuals


    Developmental and Educational Delays

    Physical Developmental Delays



    Self Regulation

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Cultural Inclusion

    Community Inclusion



    Behavioral Health

    Trauma (Individual and Family)

Schedule of Availability:

Monday Afternoons

Tuesday Mornings

Friday Mornings

Services Offered:

-Rock Co Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

-Rock Co Children's Long Term Support (CLTS)


Community Mental Health Professional, Independent Contractor

Kristy received her Professional Counseling Master’s degree from Bradley University; and double majored in Crisis Counseling as well as Addiction and Recovery from Liberty University. While in school she was a sexual assault advocate for SARP in Green County. For two years, she co-owned Vitality Youth Services where she facilitated Peer support groups for NAMI of Green County and co-facilitated survivors of suicide support group. She also went into Monroe High School once a month to facilitate a LGBTQIA+ support group and provided school based mental health in the Argyle school district. Kristy is also vice president of a non-profit, Village Youth, and a hospice volunteer by offering bereavement and grief counseling services for SSM Health hospice. She is married with three children of which two are neurodiverse (intellectual disability, learning disability, a deaf son, etc.). Her pets include an Angora rabbit named Lola and two dogs: Bentley and Bella. Kristy does not follow one specific approach in counseling as everyone is unique; she focuses on strengths and person-centered therapy approaches. She is a believer in meeting clients where they are currently at in their life. 



Familiar With:


All of the day program staff get certfied through WI DHS's Certified Direct Care Professional program, trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and continously receive education and trainings throughout the year.




This position is currently vacant and not being filled at this time. 



Hi my name is Sophie Michels I am a recent graduate from University of Wisconsin Whitewater with my bachelors degree in social work. I am originally from Sugar Grove, IL and am planning on attending Aurora university to get my masters in social work. I am super excited to be working in this role and am excited to meet you all! !

Direct Staff



Kiera Denton is a dedicated professional currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a specialization in counseling. With a background predominantly rooted in the field of management, she brings a wealth of organizational and leadership experience to her current role at Camp Clover.

Kiera is a proud mother of three, and her commitment to personal growth and professional development reflects her passion for helping others. Her transition into a new career is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on individuals' lives. She is enthusiastic about establishing meaningful connections with each person she encounters, harnessing their unique strengths within a vibrant and community-centered atmosphere at Camp Clover.



Hi! My name is Lindsey Brinkmeier and I recently graduated Illinois State University with my bachelors in human development. In the future I hope to be a certified child life specialist, working with children and families in the hospital. I am looking forward to the new experiences I will gain at Clover and meeting all of you!



More information coming soon!