Currently, Clover Family Services is only offering Teen Social Classes. Teen Social classes are offered on two levels.

Level One: Conversation Skills

Level Two: Friendship Skills

Each level consists of 12 bi-weekly sessions at our Janesville Mental Health Offices location with Coty Ruffalo, BA.  We use the Model Me® curriculum. Every class, activities, practice, and trackers are sent home with participants for parents and families to practice in between sessions.  Parent/family participation is an important aspect of successful completion of the program and is required in order for the participant to earn a Certificate of Completion.  We ask families to be certain they are able to support their child before enrolling them in the classes.

In Level One, participants will engage in social lessons and hands-on activities to build basic understanding and conversation skills.  Between session 11 and 12, parents and participants will meet individually with Coty, or the program's director, to discuss progress.  Coty will either suggest that the participant repeat Level One to better hone in on the content, or graduate the participant to Level 2 if the participant and family wishes to do so. Successful completion of Level 1 will result in a Certificate of Completion for each participant.

In Level Two, participants will expand on the social classes and hands-on activities from Level One, and will add-in friendship skills. After week 11, if participants will not successfully complete Level Two, Coty, or the program's director, will schedule to meet with the participant and parents to discuss possible repeat of Level Two, or referral options to additional programming (either with Clover or with another community agency).

Our next series of Level One classes begins February 8, 2024 and conclude July 11, 2024. The classes will be held bi-weekly on Thursdays from 5-6:15pm.  Light refreshments will be available. Please call 608.448.6116 and press 0, or email to register your child.

Fees: $75 per session (each level has 12 sessions)

Payments are made electronically with a debit or credit card, or a bank account. Sessions must be paid for 24hours in advance.

We also accept CLTS Waiver funding.

*Please inquire about possible payment plans and/or reduced fees*