Camp Clover Day Program

Welcome to Camp Clover Day Program! 

Established in 2022, Camp Clover is a day program in Southern Wisconsin serving Children's and Adult Long-Term Support Programs.

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Our camp day programs are funded by referrals and contracts with children's long-term support and adult long-term support programming.

From June-August, Camp Clover is home to a summer weekday respite day camp for youth grades 4-8, weekend community-based day service for young adults ages 18-30, and evening services for grades 9-12.

From August-May, Camp Clover is home to weekday community-based day services for young adults ages 18-30, after-school camp for grades 4-8, and weekend respite day camp for grades 9-12.

At Camp Clover Day Program, our vision is to create a community where individuals with disabilities are embraced, empowered, and included in all aspects of life.  We strive to foster a culture of acceptance, understanding, and support for families facing disabilities, ensuring that every member feels valued and included.

Our mission at Camp Clover is to provide an opportunity for youth and young adults with disabilities to socialize with peers, build on talents, interests, and skills; while using creative and innovative approaches to integrate into our community.

The Camp Clover Day Program is proud to announce we have achieved Home-and-Community-Based Services Compliance Certification from The State of Wisconsin's Department of Health Services!

Youth Respite Day Camp

Grades 4-8 and 9-12

Camp Clover's Youth Respite Day Camp provides a daily schedule to help guide campers and staff, with the flexibility to accomodate activities, weather, mood, etc.  We visit the park and splashpad daily in the summer time, and visit the park daily (weather-permitting) during the weekend and after-school programs.  We also find opportunities to give back to and explore our communities.  Camp Clover also focuses on building social-emotional skills such as having appropriate conversations, developing and using coping skills, healthy relationships, empathy, teamwork, self-esteem, and self-regulation.  

Population served 

The adult portion of Camp Clover Day Program serves grades 4-12 enrolled in CLTS programsParticipants have diagnoses with mental illness, cognitive disabilities, developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities.


2023-2024 Session Year

Spring 2024 (3/4-6/7) After School 3:30-6pm for grades 4-8, Every Other Saturday 9-4pm for grades 9-12; Referrals accepted December 1 until full

2024-2025 Session Year

Summer 2024 (6/10-8/26) Weekdays 8am-3pm for grades 4-8; Every Other Saturday 9-4pm for grades 9-12; Referrals accepted February 1 until full *Summer 2024 is full for all three sessions*


For any services through the school year (end of August until beginning of June), as well as evenings/weekends in summer programs,  transportation to and from programming is NOT provided.  Transportation for Weekday Summer 2024 for grades 4-8 is currently being provided.

Camp Clover implements the Zones of Regulation to help our campers identify their feelings and appropriate ways to manage those feelings.  For more information on Zones of Regulation, please click the button below and/or watch the video below.

Young Adult Community-Based Day Services

Ages 18-30

Clover’s Community Integrated Day Services program is devoted to helping adults with disabilities learn the skills they need to live more independently, take part in community activities, discover more about their interests, meet new people and form and maintain meaningful friendships. Clover’s team of skilled staff designed a program that is aimed at creating opportunities that foster personal growth. Participants will learn customized skills to live a life filled with valuable connections and engaging experiences.

Population Served 

The adult portion of Camp Clover Day Program serves ages 18-30 enrolled in CLTS or IRIS programs. Participants have diagnoses with mental illness, cognitive disabilities, developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities.  We are currently in the process of contracting with Inclusa; please talk to your Inclusa Case Manager if you are interested in our day program services.

Opportunities with Clover 

Clover offers person-centered programming opportunities each weekday.  Participants and families can choose which days of the week they would like to attend based on their desires, needs, and goals.  Clover focuses on goals and objectives that improve independence in the community, and/or improve peer/social 


2023-2024 Session Year

Fall 2023 (Aug 22-Dec 1) Weekdays 8am-3pm (Referrals accepted 6/1-8/1)

Winter 2023-24 (Dec 4-Mar 1) Weekdays 8am-3pm (Referrals accepted 9/1-11/1)

Spring 2024 (Mar 4-June 5) Weekdays 8am-3pm (Referrals accepted 12/1-2/1)

2024-2025 Session Year

Summer 2024 ( Jun 10-Aug 26) Weekdays 8:30am-2:30pm (Referrals accepted 3/1-5/1)


If the participant will be taking medication during programming, a mediation authorization form needs to be completed by the prescribing physician and faxed to us at 608-544-8110.

CC0002 Medication Authorization Form.pdf